Born for Adversity - An Anthology of Brothers

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Author: Laurel June Thompson

Paperback ISBN: 9781629899817

eBook ISBN: 9781629899824

Genre: Contemporary Christian

Release Date 08/27/2018

Born for Adversity examines the sometimes turbulent, often impassioned relationships between siblings. Well-known stories from the Bible and mythology are re-told throughout the book, interwoven with the tale of two brothers on their journey through life. Whether born into a family from ancient times or in modern culture, brothers and sisters have faced similar challenges throughout the millennia—jealousy, control, judgment, protection, forgiveness, and love—all common facets in the labyrinth of sibling relationships, the outcomes ever hinging upon choices of the mind and heart.

Born for Adversity follows the lives of Jackson and Jesse McAlister. Raised in a Christian, blue-collar family in the mid-twentieth century, Jackson and Jesse struggle to find their way into adulthood. Their disparate natures clash when their decisions lead to trouble on both sides. Then, a dark secret emerges to nearly destroy all hope, and a young woman tugs at both their hearts—forcing them to face each other and their true feelings.

Discover the possibilities borne of unconditional love and the disasters wrought from envy and hatred. Whether in ages past or present day, true forgiveness blazes a trail through the tangles of sibling rivalry, ending in ties that bind forever strong and true.

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