Briley Van Campton

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Author: A. Henry Moen

Hardback ISBN: 9781629898889

Paperback ISBN: 9781629898896

eBook ISBN: 9781629898902

Genre: Middle Grade Adventure Fantasy

Release Date 03/19/2018

Almost every day of her life, Briley Van Campton wishes there was something interesting to do in her little town of Piedmont. Little did she know the adventure of a lifetime was sitting right below her nose. When Briley, her brother and two friends set out to explore, they chance upon a portal beyond the hedge rows and doldrums of Piedmont and step right into fairy land.

But the land they find is nothing like the cheerful stories Briley has grown up listening to. One of her friends, Wendell is abducted by Goblins. Then her brother starts turning into a fox. When a pirate crew vows to help Briley rescue her friend, she joins them never knowing what to expect. Briley and the Pirates don’t sail on water, though. An evil queen has hexed the land so that the grass grows miles high. They sail through the ‘Green Sea’ in search of Wendell.

Soon they encounter pixies, witches and a giant kraken, all the while trying to keep their ship aloft. Briley Van Campton is a fun and touching story about bravery and determination. Briley just wanted a little adventure in her life. What she discovers, however, is far more engaging. Only by trusting and believing in herself, can Briley hope to face what is about to come.

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