Consumed - The Saviors of the Souls Book 2

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by Shirley O'Neil

Hayley Johnson not only sees the dead, she has the ability to envision the past, present and the future...but not her own. And now, she must use her instincts to fight a powerful, evil entity.

As she, Lee Franklin--the man she loves--and the other members of the Paranormal Search and Analysis investigators search for the entity's lair, Hayley foresees the danger before them. Then entity has taken a host, the ghost of a slave, Abel, murdered in the mid-1800s. The ancient being forces Abel to focus on his hatred for the man who murdered him so it can feed on the Abel's negativity and eventually take his soul for its own.

Finding the spirit of Abel's wife, Emma, on an old Georgian plantation and reuniting them is the team's only hope to save Abel from being consumed. But when they learn Emma's spirit is also being imprisoned by an entity far stronger than the one holding Abel, the team looks to Hayley and her unique abilities for solutions.

Can Hayley save Abel from being consumed? What can she use to fight a shapeshifting entity with ability to plant it seeds in her mind, create horrid images, and distort her reality? And how can she stop it from harming her, members of her team, or the man she deeply loves?

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