Demons in the Night

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by Heather Gale

In a world split, witches, demons and humans try to coincide together. With the witch population dying, a thousand-year-old plan to rid the world of demons is set in motion with the birth of Michelle Waters and Rubeus Timmons.

Michelle Waters, her mother committing suicide shortly after her birth, was never a believer in the supernatural until a few demons crashed her graduation party. With unexpected information about her mother's death from her Aunt, Michelle decides it's time to find out what happened. Enlisting the help of her closest friend, Alyssa, she learns of a much larger world and soon finds out that she is the second pure blood demon to be born in millennia.

Rubeus Timmons, the first pure blood demon, is charged with training Michelle in demon ways. As their relationship grows, they find out of a much deeper plot that could ultimately destroy their realm and they're the only two that can save it.

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