Dominic - Winchester Brothers Book 6

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by Kathi S. Barton

Dominic Winchester had been surprised when his Uncle O’Reilly had appeared before him with a proposition. O’Reilly would supply Dominic with a pot of gold if he repaired the children’s home so the leprechauns could thrive once again. O’Reilly was the king of the leprechauns, and Dominic’s aunt had become queen when she married him.

Dominic was thankful for the help. The camps he had been putting together for disabled children and adults had about come to a standstill because he had run out of money. The gold would go a long way into seeing his dream happen.

Charlie, a leprechaun herself, didn’t much care for people in general, most of the leprechauns feared her temper. When she was a babe, a witch had saved her from certain death, but in the process, the witch had lost her own life. Before dying, the witch gifted Charlie with her powers. Charlie was to receive them in increments when she was old enough to handle them.

When Dominic was pulled into the leprechaun realm, he was ecstatic to discover that this beautiful creature was his mate. He found her hot temper amusing and just what his wolf needed. Charlie thought the man was daft, but he was growing on her.

Now, there was a plot to overthrow O’Reilly. If that happened, the realm of the leprechaun would fall apart. Would the Winchesters be able to stop the threat and save the realm?

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