Fate's Sweet Passion

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by Patricia Crumpler

Teacher Alexina Poole resigns herself to spinsterhood until a long-forgotten marriage contract comes to light. Peyton Woodleigh is a high society recluse who is content to work his land until he too learns of the marriage contract. Starry-eyed Alexina seeks a loving home and family, but Peyton must marry her or forfeit his property and assets.

Alexina falls in love instantly, but Peyton resists the charms of his new wife. When a thief endangers the valley’s future, Alexina offers a solution. She and Peyton bring their unique apple brandy to London. Despite its resounding success, their relationship becomes more distant and strained.

Then Nature hurls another blow to their beloved valley. When their marriage and lives lay in shambles, help comes from an unexpected quarter, providing answers to long-standing mysteries. Together, Peyton and Alexina overcome the obstacles to find love together in Fate’s Sweet Passion.

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