Forgotten - The Saviors of the Souls Book 3

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by Shirley O'Neil

Hayley Johnson can see the dead and envision the past, present, and future, in most cases. After celebrating her birthday with Lee Franklin, her fiancé, and returning to Lee’s home, they find an unexpected visitor who has disrupted Hayley’s abilities.

Vara, a sentinel, a type of guardian angel, appears in the form of a goshawk and puts Hayley, Lee, and the other members of the saviors of souls in danger. She has led an evil great enough to threaten the world to their doorstep. Was it by accident? Vara’s actions are filled with mystery and suspicion. The team investigates the sentinel’s previous mortal lifetime and learns her plans maybe driven by vengeance, and a personal vendetta, which involves a plot that will ultimately take the life of possibly Hayley, Lee or someone else on the team.

Who is Vara? Will she go against the sentinel’s code of honor and kill an innocent? Can she be trusted? How can the sentinel be outwitted? Maybe she can’t be. Who will die?

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