Foster Love

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by Meenakshi Gautam Chaturvedi

For reasons known only to him, Damien Saunders’ father had willed away his global empire. Not to his only son, but to the father of his biological grandchild. And his irresponsible son leading a Bohemian lifestyle in the world of glamour and glitz had no intention of being noosed into a marriage and laying a claim to the empire until he hears of his four-year n something old daughter borne off a one-night stand, five years ago. This was his proverbial opportunity to have his cake and eat it too!

Janet, on the other hand, has accepted her unwed motherhood with grace and even legally adopted her daughter. She is pursuing her copywriting career with all the passion and diligence, when Damien Saunders walks back into her life, unannounced. Unaware of his spine-chilling mission to reclaim her beloved daughter, she is intuitively apprehensive of this intrusion, but her professionalism demands that they shoot together for the sixty-second TV commercial in the valley of Kashmir.

But both are quite unprepared for the passion that had brought them together that night five years ago, brewing between them again…

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