Geist: Intermezzo

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by Fallon O'Neill


Ser Hector Thaddeus was once an agent of Her Holiness’s Inquisition. Driven by fanaticism, he rooted out countless heretics in the name of the Third Gothic Imperium. That is, until his excommunication for reasons unknown.

Stripped of honor, with his name expunged from the Imperial records, Thaddeus finds himself trapped in the city he once served. An unsolved case gnaws at his conscience—a series of grisly murders committed by “the Dollmaker.” Now, his allegiance lies with Victor Roland, a former prisoner, his only friend. A man of Earth, lost in this distant world of blood and diesel.

Victor’s journey continues with Thaddeus by his side. Beyond the steeples and slums of Holy Gothica, the adventurer carries them into the wasteland realm of an infamous terrorist cell. Meanwhile, a shadow from Thaddeus’s past moves in the dark, crying out for vengeance….

This is the second book in the Geist series. A tale of mystery and murderous rebellion, it will take you alongside Victor and Thaddeus on their harrowing odyssey to justice, and perhaps a truth long forgotten in the fog.

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