Geist - Scherzo

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by Fallon O'Neill


The investigation grinds to a halt. Wracked by depression, Victor Roland takes to the bottle, finding solace only in Yuko, a caring yet troubled courtesan. However, “the Dollmaker” still haunts the red-light district of Yoshiwara, waiting to strike again.

For over a month, Victor struggled to survive in Holy Gothic, navigating its labyrinth of fascism and faith, fighting alongside the Inquisition, and braving the Inferno itself. Now, his resolve is pushed to its breaking point.

As the clock ticks toward the grave, happy hour is tainted by a pile-up of corpses. Young love stands on a razor’s edge. Old allies cast new suspicions, while those closest to Victor are most at risk. The Dollmaker’s malice is rivaled only by his own desperation. And yet, every killer has an identity if only one knows where to look….

This is the third book in the Geist series. Follow Victor as he descends to abysmal depths to protect his loved one and faces his bleakest ordeal yet.

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