Heath - Marshall's Shadow Book 5

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by Kathi S. Barton

Paige Avery had been deep, undercover with her brother, James. Their target had been spotted, but something went wrong. The bullets came from everywhere, killing most of the people in the room. Sent to retrieve them, Rebel Marshall popped in and took the unconscious Page and James back to her home to recover. If Paige and James hadn’t already been immortal, they would have died for sure. As it was, Paige was too weak to shift, and until she could, it would be a long recovery.

Heath found James in the barn. The man seemed friendly enough, but Heath didn’t trust strangers easily. Heath was ready to go about his business when he smelled the boy. The boy was hurt and hiding it well, that is until he crumpled from the pain. Heath called for Rodney, and they got the boy back to the house.

Paige shouldn’t have been out of bed, but her concern for her nephew had her moving slowly. Told to sit in a chair before she hurt herself further, Paige caught Heath’s scent and realized he was her mate, and a string of curses flew out of her mouth in seven different languages.

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