House of Vultures

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Author: Maggie Claire

Genre: Dystopian/Dark Fantasy

Release Date 06/11/2018

After the land of Cassé was destroyed, the survivors banded together to create the House alliances. Only the strongest, most cunning, and useful are accepted. For the Houses, there are only three laws:

1) Never remove your mask.

2) Never share your true name.

3) Survive.

Anyone denied membership into the Houses is considered a Nameless Unchosen and is to be killed on sight. No exceptions.

Yet when Mynah, a tortured soul who has lived in the House of Vultures since she was seven years old, finds an unmasked boy in the forest, she is faced with a terrible choice: follow the law and kill the child, or show him mercy and risk war?

A boy’s life hangs in the balance. And Mynah’s decision will forever change her world.

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