Impassable Force

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Force of Nature Series Book 8

Author: Kathi S. Barton

Print ISBN: 9781629890685

E-Book ISBN: 9781629890692

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release date 03/07/2014

He leaned down to her, and she felt his hot breath on her lips and licked them. “Tell me to leave you now, Molly. Tell me or I’m going to kiss you.”

Her breath seemed to sear her lungs, her heart rate had tripled, and she could feel her body getting ready for him. A stranger, she kept telling herself, and it did little good. She wanted him as much as she needed her next breath. Even as breathless as she was, she told him to leave.

“Too late.” His mouth took hers almost as soon as his words left his mouth. Not in a simple kiss as she had expected but a taking…

Randy Atkins is ready to uproot his life and see the world. All his brothers are happy and settled with mates and children. He feels like a third wheel, but his mate had died when he was a pup and he has no desire to go through that again.

Sargent Molly Barker has one thing on her mind―to protect her sister Mary from an abusive husband. Neither are prepared for the sniper gunning for them. Mary’s dying wish is for Molly to live, not just survive. She wants her to live, have a home, husband, and children…not just exist as she has been.

Molly doesn’t know quite what to think of the indecisive Randy Atkins. He tells her that they’re better off if he stays away from her, but no matter how hard Randy tries he can’t avoid the beautiful vixen. One taste and he’s hooked…

Molly’s in too deep, and the sniper’s not finished with her yet. Now they have Randy… Can she put the clues together to find him before he meets her sister’s fate?

Find out in the final installment of the Force of Nature Series―Impassable Force

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