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The Sons of Crosby Book 1

Author: Kathi S. Barton

Paperback ISBN: 9781629897165

eBook ISBN: 9781629897172

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance/Vampire

Release Date 06/12/2017

Spencer Graham had been trying to get a hold of Jason Crosby for weeks, but he didn’t seem to answer emails, mail or the telephone. She had an idea that would make them a great deal of money, but she needed him to invest in her project before it was too late. So, barging into his home at 4 a. m. was the only solution as far as she was concerned. She didn’t, however, expect him to answer the door naked and proposition her as soon as she walked in the door. Spencer did the only thing that came natural to her, she knocked him on his ass….

Jason Crosby was nearly two thousand years old, and in all his days as a vampire, he’d never seen anyone quite like her, not that he thought that was a good thing. He didn’t. She was his mate, and he was only going the tolerate her because he had to….

1 EPUB, 1 MOBI and 1 PDF