Living Among Us

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by Debbie Kump

Ever since a childhood vacation on the Carolina coast, swimming has consumed Casey Donnelly’s energy and focus. Unlike his peers, sixteen-year-old Casey possesses an advantageous ability to read the water and find the path of least resistance. For years, he believed his ability held a logical, natural explanation, allowing him to make notable accomplishments in breaking pool records, winning recognition, and advancing his swimming career.

Yet an unlikely opponent upsets his streak and challenges his beliefs, shocking Casey with the truth behind the actual source of his success. Poised on the brink of his toughest competition, this revelation threatens to undermine years of hard work, effort, and sacrifice. More surprising, guarded secrets from his past make him question everything he once believed true. Casey’s entire perception of the world changes when he looks through a different lens and discovers there are others like him, living among us.

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