Machiel: Stone of the Damned - A Blood Prophecy Novella

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by Barb Jones

Machiel, a newborn vampire, realizes that learning under his mentor, Kabos, is not satisfying him anymore. Torn between missing his mortal life, the woman he loved and his newfound purpose in life – the Blood Prophecy. He soon grows weary of his role in finding the Queen. One day that he decides to tempt fate by running away from the prophecy. As he roams freely, he soon discovers that no matter what he chooses, servants of the prophecy will always find him and use him. As he begins to understand his true purpose, he also learns that Kabos holds many more secrets than what he has already shared. Will this be enough to keep Machiel bound to the Blood Prophecy and to Kabos, or will the powers that be destroy him? His destiny lies in the choices he is bound to make, especially when he is in possession of the Stone of the Damned.

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