Moon Regardless

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by Nick Manzolillo

It’s no coincidence when your girlfriend Tiffany disappears at the allegedly haunted Miskatonic hotel, but Hap, a recent college graduate (and videogame playing slacker), is the only one to put that together. He signs on as a bellhop to investigate her disappearance. Instead of ghosts, Hap unravels the strands of a cult comprised of serial killers who worship a cosmic entity called the Moon Shack and run both the hotel and most of Providence, Rhode Island. In his investigation to find Tiffany, he’ll cross paths with a murderous vigilante known as The Eye Doctor, a rival cult that worships Lovecraft’s Great Old Ones, and the scrutiny former friends and family who think he killed Tiffany himself.

Will he lose his humanity before his investigation is over? Worse, will Tiffany have lost hers by the time Hap comes to the rescue?

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