Mystery at the Red White & Blue

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by Sassy Sue Abbott

The Janice Brown Series Book 2

Janice walks away from the kitchen with dead bodies on the floor in the Russian Chateau. Charlie’s team celebrates she has eliminated the Agency problems in Moscow. Charlie stole her heart before he stranded her at a B&B on Key West ten years ago. Being reunited on the escape to Moscow, they hope to restart their relationship. Charlie finds her and her feline companion, Baby Kittie, an apartment outside DC near his; she’s not ready to live together knowing he could disappear again.

Janice accepts a position as a dietetic consultant with the State Department using her cover identity as Army Captain Bonnie Watkins. Her mission is to work with a crusty Sergeant Major to organize the Red, White and Blue, a veteran’s outpatient diet clinic in a dilapidated strip mall across the Potomac. The assignment seemed benign until threats come her way. She must discover if the threats are from Charlie’s mysterious military past when he worked with alphabet government agencies. Charlie questions if having her in his world puts her in danger and should he reconsider the decision to reconnect with the love of his life. He tells her, “If they find you they can find me and members of my unit in ‘Nam.” Charlie’s crew has to consider that Bonnie is the target and they’ve overlooked critical details. But what and why? Surely, the threats couldn’t be related to the diet classes, scrapbook competitions and quilting workshops held afterhours at the Red, White and Blue? But the activities unexpectantly uncover an imminent threat to national security. A trip to England reveals family secrets from her home at the Ranch at Bay Branch to solve the mystery at the Red, White and Blue.

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