Pack of Wolves - House of Vultures Book 2

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by Maggie Claire

With the discovery of the Ddraigs, the land of Cassè is changing. Finding warriors and building an army are now Iris’s top priorities. Yet these tasks are difficult, clashing with the traditions of the major houses and the skepticism of the nameless unchosen. Hoping to smooth the way for change, Iris appoints Wolf the mission of creating a master house, unifying the nation under his leadership.

However, this decision is a perilous one. Who is Wolf really? Is he the sweet savior Iris recalls from her days in the House of Vultures? Or is there a deeper, more diabolical personality lurking under the mask? Just exactly how has his pack managed to maintain their wealth while the rest of the country grows poorer?

As terrifying truths are revealed, Iris must decide where her loyalties lie.

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