Peaches and Lace

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by Joy Ross Davis

Peaches Malone, a world-famous wedding gown designer, has moved her business from Atlanta to Portugal. Beautiful, vivacious, head strong, and feisty, Peaches demands perfection from those around her. She is highly sought after by royal families all over the world. But, within her castle walls, a stranger lurks, a man gone mad with vengeance, a man whose only goal is to destroy her.

But Peaches has one person on her side, a man she calls her guardian angel. Tall, broad, handsome and supernaturally strong, he visits Peaches often, appearing as if out of thin air. The bond between them strengthens until, for the first time in her life, Peaches falls in love.

On the night of her first runway show in Portugal, Peaches receives a threatening message written in blood. Since she has no idea who wrote the message, she calls on her friend, the Prime Minister, who rushes to her aid and posts his own security team outside the auditorium. But the killer is one step ahead, for he has already managed to secure a spot as one of her top male models. Between her guardian angel and the Prime Minister's aides, can this killer be stopped?

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