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Author: Michelle Izmaylov

Print ISBN: 9781939865526

E-Book ISBN: 9781939865533

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Release Date 06/15/2013

Konstantin opens his door to the frantic calls for help by a young man carrying his bleeding and badly beaten granddaughter, Sophia. The old man’s long-suppressed hatred of Germans boils to the surface. Soldiers of the Third Reich murdered Sophia’s father during World War II, leaving an unresolved wound in his heart. Seeing Sophia, his only reason for living, crumpled in the arms of a German man triggers a seething demand for vengeance long denied.

Sophia’s grandfather draws on his wealth of military knowledge to target the boy whose only crime is his blood heritage. Seen uniquely though the eyes of the irrational man, we experience the violence of a vigilante blinded by hatred. Can he find peace? Will revenge destroy the innocent, including the granddaughter he so loves?

1 EPUB, 1 MOBI and 1 PDF