Rougarou IV Shadows of the Past

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by Judith Ann McDowell

When the beautiful centuries-old vampire Jillianna Romanetti first lays eyes on Detective Jack Olivier’, she sees more than just his rugged good looks: She sees the face of Karleto, her gypsy lover, the man who, many years ago, turned her innocent young body into that of a woman. Now that Jillianna has, once more, found the man whose very touch never failed to leave her body weak and hungry for more, she is determined to make him her own. Unaware that in a past life his soul once lived in the body of Jillianna’s gypsy lover, Jack Olivier’ is already deeply in love and happily married to another. Jillianna Romanetti is not about to let a mere mortal stand between her and the man she loves.

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