Sapphire - Rare Gems Book 1

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Rare Gems Series Book 1

Author: Kathi S. Barton

“Good morning, Diamond. And to what do I owe this pleasure—”

“Don’t fuck with me and I won’t you.” He started to snap at her, but he simply nodded and sat down. “I’m here about my sister. She’s hurt, did you know that?”

“I hurt her yesterday when I moved her away from…” Diamond was shaking her head. “Then I don’t understand. How else was she hurt? If you’re talking about the wound on her back, I didn’t cause that one.” F

“Jeffery Benetton did that and a great deal more to her. And yesterday trying to get away from you, she hurt herself even more. She had a broken rib and a gash on her left hip that I had to put fifteen stitches in after she went to sleep.” Diamond sat down across from him as she continued. “Did you know that she gave up everything to keep us safe from men like you?”

“I’m nothing like Benetton, and I resent you coupling my name with his.” She only stared at him, and he shifted on his seat. “Why are you here?”

“I came to see what kind of man you are. I’m not impressed.”

Jeffery Benetton is the only other man that has ever shown an interest in Sapphire Erickson. And Sapphire had nearly killed him to protect her family from the sadistic bastard. She moves herself and her family into Blair Henson’s territory to hide and protect her sisters from Jeffery. They are all she has in this world. Trust doesn’t come easy to her and the wounds she received from Jeffery won’t heal until she finds a new Alpha or a mate. Neither option holds any appeal to her. And the last thing she needs is another man ordering her around.

Blair Henson is the new Alpha in the territory. He has enough on his plate running his successful business, and doesn’t have the time or desire for a mate… When he meets Sapphire and recognizes her for who she is, his mate, the man wants to run in the opposite direction, but his wolf…he wants to dominate.

Blair tries to convince himself that he’s chasing after Sapphire because he feels an overwhelming need to protect her and she just won’t follow orders. When he comes across as a complete jerk, Sapphire really wants no part of him. Of course, leaving him isn't going to work…she's his mate. Now, if only he can get his head out of his ass, learn to treat Sapphire the way she should be treated, maybe, just maybe, there is a chance for them…that is unless Jeffery Benetton finds her first…

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