Seed Krackers

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The Legend of Hushama

Authors: Melissa Davis, Erik Daniel Shein and L. M. Reker

Genre: Animal Adventure

Release Date 04/24/2017

Up, up, and away! Pani and Omo are off to a new adventure to seek out new life forms and most importantly, new food. When the starving pelican and seagull discover a colony of seed krackers, they had no idea how much their life would change. If they had not stopped on the small seed kracker island, they would never meet the amazing Cloud Dancer, Marama, who would lead them on the best adventure yet, to the legendary Hushma.

While on Hushma, the seed krackers and their newfound friends must help foil the plot of the rebel Komodo Dragons who want to bring chaos and discord to the peaceful land of Hushma.

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