Sins of a Savior

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by G. R. Leon

Alia carried the pain of her mother’s death deep in her soul. Forgiveness was not a word in her vocabulary, nor was it an option in her life. The world was not what she dreamed about when she was little and now it was clear what she needed to accomplish.

Working for the Department of Children and Families gave her the opportunity to correct many imperfections and get rid of some of the garbage that polluted the lives of others. The strong and the evil, praying on the weak and helpless was not acceptable to her.

The world needed cleansing.

Marcos Cuevas had been a victim of the church. He lived in constant anger and hate. He carried his past like a lit candle slowly melting until it had no more light. His quest for revenge kept him going, thriving but never satisfied. It was never enough, not till he completed his mission, not until his mind could forget, but forgetting seemed impossible.

The dreams kept him awake. His anger fueled his thirst for revenge, and the knife did his bidding. He was here to do his work. He was here to free the world of the evil that laid behind the mask of the church walls.

His goal was to silence the voices that he had trusted long ago.

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