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By Shirley Strawder

What would you do if you found yourself all alone in the world except for the child growing within you? You are legally married to the son of a very prominent family, but he was drunk and doesn’t remember ever having married you.

He abandons you in your time of need and leaves the country while you are sent to an unwed mother’s home to have your infant. There they try to convince you to give your child up for adoption, and you fight to be able to make a home for the two of you.

As you struggle to make a home and give your child all the love you have to give, you fear that the father or his parents will discover his existence and take him away from you.

As time passes you find that your husband is to wed another while your heart breaks and it appears he doesn’t remember or want you to be a part of his life. You must make the decision that your child will never know his father…UNTIL a medical condition forces you to reveal the truth to the father and pray he will not attempt to take him from you.

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