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Authors: Nike & Michelle Izmaylov

Hardback ISBN: 9781629898674

Paperback ISBN: 9781629898681

eBook ISBN: 9781629898698

Genre: Magical Realism

Release Date 02/05/2018

Two weeks before graduation, a high school class gathers to celebrate a far more momentous occasion: one of their very own, Grace Tod, has donated her soul. Most applaud her sacrifice; after all, a finite number of souls exist in their world, and without a soul donation no new children can be born. But Leah knows “soul donation” is just sugar-coating suicide, and Tally is terrified her best friend Hannah may decide to make a donation next. Concern also grows in pockets among the adult world. Dr. Lira, a physician who runs one of the soul recycling clinics, risks his life and career to try talking his patients out of soul donation—until he’s caught for nearly deterring a patient from making a donation. The recycling clinics have quotas to meet, after all.

In this interwoven story told from many voices and perspectives, each person must confront the societal laws that decide humanity’s fate. Some choose to stand up to the authorities against their own family and friends. Others say this is just the way of the world. And still others hide themselves away in distractions or cloak their discomfort in caring for those around them. Yet all ultimately arrive at the same final door.

1 EPUB, 1 MOBI and 1 PDF