Spanish Eyes

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Border Legend Trilogy Book 2

Author: Lee Bishop

Release Date 07/18/2016

The saga of James Barringer/Ricardo Montoya continues as one man with two names carries on his battles with Apaches and outlaws on both sides of the international border between Mexico and the Arizona Territory.

Ricardo Montoya is in love with beautiful Maria Bustamante, the daughter of a Mexican Don, who ultimately rejects Ricardo because of his violent lifestyle. A short time later he meets Christina Aragon, a Spanish beauty who has arrived in Mexico for an arranged marriage between the Aragon and Soto clans that will seal the bond for mutual mining investments by the two families. Ricardo and Christina are powerfully attracted to one another and Christina must determine if she is willing to sacrifice family values and obligations to be with the man she loves. Ricardo is spellbound by this woman with beautiful Spanish eyes and will go to any lengths to win her.

Apaches are about to strike the rancho owned by Maria Bustamante’s father and Montoya and his brother, Rafael, make a valiant stand against overwhelming odds at the small hacienda. These Apaches then join a much larger band heading towards Don Ramon Aragon’s mining property. The Don is Christina’s uncle and he and Ricardo become bitter enemies when the Don flees with most of his bodyguards prior to the attack, leaving Ricardo and a few men to protect more than one hundred women and children.

Rustlers in the Arizona Territory kill the Barringer Ranch’s chief tracker and wound the foreman, Silk Mathews, while stealing cattle. James Barringer searches for the outlaws and skillfully directs an ambush that destroys most of the outlaw band. He trails the outlaw leader to Tucson where they engage in hand to hand combat in a climactic fight.

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