Surviving the End of the World

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by John Moss

Possibly the last person on Earth, a disabled young woman struggles to endure while she’s relating the story of her survival at fifteen, lost and presumed dead in the wilderness.

Angel Harris is on a quest to find a fellow human being after most animal forms on the planet have perished. Born without the use of her legs, she crawls through mud, over rocks, along pavement, and travels from Paris by wheelchair and skateboard, borrowed cars and a yacht, to the south coast of England before setting sail in a small boat by herself across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States. Her heroic account is told against the background story of her fifteen-year-old self as she describes the terrors, the mysteries, and the unexpected rewards of a plane crash in the northern bushland. Late for her own funeral, she becomes an anthropologist determined to survive the end of the world.

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