The Anger of a Thousand Worlds

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by Michael Saad

The planet Jemorrea, once a veritable wasteland and protectorate in the Intergalactic Coalition, is home to a primitive, caste-driven race called the Jullimet. Light years away from known civilization, the planet becomes the unlikely precipice for a monumental showdown between men that holds the entire fate of a people and civilization at its outcome. On one side is Wasil Charbotrov, chief magister of the Grand Malan Veneration, a galactic colonist hell-bent on restoring the superiority of his now decimated people. On the other is Hals Remlone, a travelling rogue with own agenda, and a secret mission to restore the integrity of his increasingly marginalized planet. With conflicting interests, a collision course is set and the struggle between the two men has the ultimate stakes for the final destiny of the planet and people they’ve each sworn to uphold – the planet Earth and all that’s left of the human race.

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