The Fragility of Contrition

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Author: Phil Locascio

Print ISBN: 9781938961922

E-Book ISBN: 9781938961939

Genre: Suspense/Thriller/Mystery

Release Date 03/15/2013

A botched jewelry store robbery sets offs a chain reaction of mystery, deceit and murder in the arid scrubland of New Mexico. The year is 1953 and a host of devious characters are assembling in the hot, barren desert in search of the missing jewels.

In a cave full of bats, an outlaw lays trapped and wounded.

At a roadside motel, an old distrustful proprietor and an innocent young dreamer play nursemaid to several mysterious individuals who have suddenly taken up residence.

A cunning robber on the run tries to make his way back into the fray.

The local sheriff, not opposed to breaking a few rules to get what he wants, devises a dangerous ploy. A secret rendezvous, a blatant betrayal, a fictitious escape, a hidden agenda, a vicious murder, an unexpected revelation, and even more dead bodies. Meanwhile the bats grow impatient for twilight when they can once again take wing and leave the safety of their dank, dark cavern which has now strangely become a den of thieves.

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