The Guardian of Misty Hollow

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Author: Patricia M. Bryce

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Release Date 06/11/2018

When Nora's great-aunt 'Winnie' passes away, she leaves the bulk of her estate to Nora. This includes the arts and crafts styled cottage and the property know as Misty Hollow. What Nora doesn't learn until she takes possession of the house is she's also inherited Winnie's title of Guardian of the Misty Hollow. Following in the footsteps of other Belfry Witches, unfortunately, being a witch isn't something that Nora knows anything about.

With the help of an Elf, a Celtic shaman and a Troll Mage, Nora has eight weeks to transform from a mousey little bookstore clerk into a powerful witch. Because if she doesn't a monster know as Garnel will be released and the entire world will be doomed.

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