The Haunting of Pear Tree Cottage

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by Debbie Chase

When Chrissie Lewis meets the charismatic American, Richard Curtis, at Wigglesworth & Horner, Solicitors, it seems that a romance is meant to be. Yet who is the tempestuous Morgan Bloom that, because of her love of palms, potions, spells, and her black cat, Moses, is tried as a Witch by an unruly mob of villagers?

Set in the historic seaside town of Whitby in North Yorkshire with its wild history of Dracula, Witches, Whaling and modern-day Goths, Chrissie, newly arrived to live in the ancient Pear Tree Cottage, finds herself going back to the 1700s to witness Morgan Bloom’s dramatic downfall. A tale of love, desire, friendship, horror and intrigue that will send shivers running down your spine!

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