The House on Mayberry Road

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Author: Troy McCombs

Print ISBN: 9781937085254

E-Book ISBN: 9781937085773

Genre: Horror

Release Date 7/15/2011

A house not only haunted by spirits but infested with beings beyond the limits of human imagination.

No one enters the house on Mayberry Road and comes out alive.

Ever since the house killed his young protégé, John Rollings vowed to stay away from that colonial-style on Mayberry Road, but there is something about that evil structure that persistently torments him. It haunts his dreams and beckons him in its insidious voice to come inside.

After the house claims yet another victim, the local sheriff, Charlie Steera, contacts John, as he is the only known person to have entered the house and come out alive and with his sanity intact.

Can John survive this investigation, or will he succumb to the horrors that lie within the house on Mayberry Road?

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