The McCade Dragon Boxed Set

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by Kathi S. Barton

The McCade Dragon Boxed Set! Save 70% by getting the bundle!

Kenton and his brothers were dragon shifters born without the ability to shift into their other half. The magic, it seemed, lay dormant in a sleeping dragon that was tied to six pieces of jewelry. When the ring found its way to Emma, her touch had woken the sleeping beast. When Emma touched Kenton’s sigil on his chest, he shifted to his beast for the first time. But the beast from the ring would not be complete until all the jewelry found its way to their rightful dragons….

The McCade Dragon

  1. Kenton
  2. Jorden
  3. Grady
  4. Dalton
  5. Lewis
  6. Vance
1 MOBI, 1 PDF and 1 EPUB