The Soul Eater

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Author: Lesley Sussman

Paperback ISBN: 9781629898261

eBook ISBN: 9781629898278

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Release Date 11/27/2017

When noted horror book writer Mark Brenner, struggling with his Jewish faith, receives an unexpected visit from a strange Jerusalem rabbi who tries to convince him that he is a “Devourer of Souls” – an ancient Egyptian dark god who is weary of his evil nature and seeks his own destruction -- Brenner turns for help to an elderly Orthodox rabbi and an alcoholic Native American medicine woman.

They are joined by a skeptical NYC policeman who investigates so-called “paranormal” crimes. Together, they take on the task of helping the Egyptian god to end his life.

The medicine woman, a hereditary “soul catcher,” leads her companions on a dangerous shamanic journey into a gloomy dimension peopled by lost souls and demons of all kinds. This is the abode of the Devourer of Souls who they must meet on his own grounds in order to destroy him – if they, indeed, can.

Their quest is aided by totem animals, Navajo spirits, and the soul catcher’s spirit guide – Chief Joseph.

Into this dark and God-less dimension appears another astral voyager – a beautiful psychotherapist devoid of love who is searching for the soul she believes has been stolen from her making her incapable of loving anyone.

On their journey the voyagers must confront a variety of terrors – both physical and psychological – as they battle demonic forces, their own doubts and even the Devourer of Souls who, despite his wish to die, nonetheless is compelled by the more powerful Egyptian gods to destroy the intruders.

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