The Tall Man

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Border Legend Trilogy Book 1

Author: Lee Bishop

Release Date 10/1/2014

Ricardo Montoya had never disobeyed Don Diego Salazar’s orders until he was told to execute Apache women and children. Montoya had risen to the position of second in command and was instrumental in the building of Don Diego’s huge cattle empire.

Montoya is stripped of his title for refusing to kill the Apaches. The confrontation occurred in front of a large group of vaqueros, which caused the Don to lose face. Ricardo becomes a target, assassins are hired to kill him and a price put on his head.

While recovering from wounds inflicted by a hired killer, he learns that his father, Gustavo, is dying and journeys back to El Rancho Grande. He is shocked by his father’s deathbed revelation that, as a baby, he was the lone survivor of a stage coach ambush in the Arizona Territory. From atop a hill, Gustavo witnessed the murders and was able to rescue the baby from where the mother had hidden the infant before she was killed. He raised Ricardo in Mexico as his own son.

Ricardo is denied a home and his future is bleak in Mexico. The news of his unknown parentage consumes his thoughts, and he heads across the border in search of his true heritage with only a few clues to guide him. Ultimately, he learns the truth and finds himself caught in a treacherous web of lies and murder.

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