Village of Scarlet Tears

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by J. D. Chaney

Village of Scarlet Tears is the tale of a man we can all relate to. David Sherry is a burnt out teacher, so he packs his bags and moves south to rural Mexico. But, of course, life is anything but calm and boring once Sherry settles in. He meets a psychotic serial killer whose victims are exclusively prostitutes and promptly falls in love with one of the potential prey. Soon Sherry is as entrenched in his sleepy town's struggle to capture the murderer, for he is intent on marrying the young woman and starting a life together back in the States. But fate and circumstances conspire to keep them in Mexico.

"There was no time to react to the human vice that clutched at his throat. The horrific recognition of the murderer Vega left David stunned, unable to comprehend what was happening. Stepping out from beneath the curtain, Vega drove the American back against the desk, hitting a corner of it with such force that it dislodged his friend Tito from his chair. The pimp wavered for a few seconds then dropped to the floor with a nauseating thud."

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