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“Those damned men. What the hell were they thinking running her down like they were?” He looked up at Khan when he growled. “What you got to say, boy? Spill it.”

“She’s human. The better question is what the hell was she doing on our property with them? We don’t need their kind around here.”

Caitlynne McCray works for the government but at the moment she is running for her life. Two idiots told her that they’d give her a ten minute head start in the woods before they began hunting her. Hunting her like an animal.

But when the large black panther appears in front of her she knows that if the Ingram boys see him, they’ll hurt him. Caitlynne can’t let that happen. Shot and beaten she creates a diversion so they both can escape.

Walker knew the moment he was asked to find her who she was to him. A human in a group full of panthers could be bad but when his older brother Khan forbade him to be with her, Walker felt as if he was torn in two.

But when her past comes calling it's either help her or his family will be hurt as well. He and his family will do anything for the beautiful blue eyed woman. Especially when she saves one of their own at the risk of her own life.

Corruption, arms deals gone bad and assignation attempts are nothing compared to the volatile connection between the two lovers. Lynne has met her match but can she keep him safe? His family safe?

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