War of the Damned - Sons of Darkness Book 2

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by Todd Hanley

After defeating the Devil’s hitmen, The Sons of Darkness, Tom is resolved to hunting down their last surviving member. The vile demon known as Pestilence fled after witnessing the fall of his brothers and has run north, thinking the harsh conditions of the arctic wastelands will hide him. He is wrong. Tom is not so easily deterred and, although still recovering from the last battle, will let nothing stand in the way of his quarry. In Tom’s mind, this is his last task, and then he can return to a normal life.

While Tom is away, The Sons of Light arrive in Pine Springs. Who are they and what do they want? They claim to be allies, but Tom’s wife, Nichole, is not so sure. It is obvious that their strange and enigmatic leader wants something, but he is keeping his plans to himself.

Meanwhile, deep in the Mexican jungle, the Bore – the legendary portal between Hell and Earth - is close to being breached, and the Devil intends to have his freedom. Tom’s mistake was leaving the Bore intact, and soon he will come to bitterly regret it. The Devil’s minions rush to free their master, but as they desperately search for a way to open the gateway between worlds, a new dark power arises. One that is strong enough to challenge the Devil for dominion of the planet. Regardless of who wins, it is mankind that will suffer.

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